A dog at Oceanside

If you hike more than three times in a year, you’ll undoubtedly see a chihuahua in a backpack or trip over a dachsund sprawled across a steep, uphill trail and refusing to go any further. You get pretty used to seeing people carrying their dogs. Sometimes, though, the dog isn’t little. On a recent trip to Oceanside, for instance, I got stuck behind two men slowly struggling to carry a full-size Rough Collie across the rocks and down to the sand. The dog was unable to navigate the uneven ground. It got me thinking about accessibility.

That rocky approach at Oceanside is nothing compared to Short Sand. I went through my memory – Tamanawas, Toketee, Abiqua, Blacklock Point, the Seven Lakes Basin – so many of Oregon’s most beautiful views are completely inaccessible for anyone who relies on mobility aids or who just isn’t up for a hike.

Which prompted me to think some more ... about beautiful places you can drive to. Places like Rowena Crest, the roadside view of Heceta Head Lighthouse, the viewpoint for Cape Horn, or the pullout on Highway 101 above Manzanita.

What beautiful and easily accessible places do you think of? I’d like to compile a list, and I would welcome your help!