Hacks, tips & tricks

They’re everywhere on the internet:

  • 43 Genius Life Hacks for an Easy Life
  • 15 Tips for Buying Your First Rental Property
  • This One Weird Trick Will Save Your Coffeemaker

Underneath most of these tricks is the unspoken promise that your life will be easier, healthier, cheaper, more profitable, and more productive. If you only...

But no matter how powerful that promise, these tips never hold up under the simplest question of all: “Why?”

And that’s the problem with productivity hacks. They promise to make you more productive so that you can be more productive. Like life is a race, and all a human needs is to figure out how to go faster.

I’ve been thinking about all the tips and tricks for taking better photographs, and I think I’ve decided that tips are not what I need. I think I’ve decided to try doing the opposite of what the tips say I should do. I think I’ve decided to take a nap every once in awhile in the middle of the day and to carry less gear on long hikes and to make more mistakes just to see if I end up with something unique and honest and fun.

After all, I don’t really need an easy life. I’d much rather have one that’s full.