How much is too much?

I have three images on the wall above the dining room table, one next to the living room thermostat, three above the fireplace, five on the wall to the left of the front door... And even though I’d like to put up more photos, I wondered if I might have too much wall art. So I asked the internet, “How much wall art is too much?”

But when I started reading through the links Google brought up, I couldn’t help but notice all the questions other people had asked and that Google thought might answer my question.

Can you hang two identical pictures on the same wall?
What do you do with a blank wall?
Can we hang horse painting in bedroom?
How much weight will wall anchors hold?

Maybe you’ve asked questions like these, and maybe you already know that hanging two pictures together of the same frame sizing makes it easy to match up the images in a good location. Maybe you already know that a bare walled look is actually a great way to help a low-ceilinged room feel more spacious. Maybe you already know that you should not hang the painting of seven galloping horses in the bedroom. Maybe you already know that toggles, anchors, or molly bolts are surprisingly strong.

The good news is that, according to Google, there may not be a “too much” when it comes to art on a wall. And, in conclusion, I’m going to put up even more photographs, though I guess I need to find a new spot for the seven galloping horses.